First Tuesdays Will Be at the Queens Literary Festival on Sunday, August 2nd

When: Sunday, August 2, from 4:30-5:00
Where: LIC Bar, 45-58 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101

Come hear four of your favorite First Tuesdays readers close out Inspired Word’s Queens Literary Festival. We’ll be there on Sunday, August 2nd, but the festival runs from 11-5, Saturday and Sunday, August 1st and 2nd. Mike Geffner has put together a wonderful lineup, which you can check out here (where you can also RSVP). Both days are free and open to the public. It’s a wonderful chance to celebrate the many facets of the Queens literary community in Queens.

These are the First Tuesdays poets who will be reading:

Jay Chollick: The word’s most harmless terrorist; shadowy at the open mic; insufferable in print; bookish in slim volumes: Colors; American Vesuvius; Five: The Stately Poems; prizes & awards but not the bluest ribbons; big mouth on the radio; a tv pipsqueak, for which only his one hand claps.

Richard Jeffrey Newman writes about the impact of feminism on his life as a man and the relevance of classical Persian poetry to our contemporary lives. His books include The Silence of Men (CavanKerry Press 2006), a volume of his own poetry, and The Teller of Tales: Stories from Ferdowsi’s Shahameh (Junction Press 2011), a translation of part of the Iranian national epic. He curates the First Tuesdays reading series in Queens and is on the Board of Directors of Newtown Literary Alliance, a Queens-based literary non-profit. In 2105, he was awarded a grant from the Queens Council on the Arts to work on his second book of poetry, Words for What Those Men Have Done. Newman is Professor of English at Nassau Community College in Garden City, NY. His website is www.richardjnewman.com. Newman is Professor of English at Nassau Community College.

Norman Stock is the author of two books of poetry: Buying Breakfast For My Kamikaze Pilot (Gibbs Smith,1994), winner of the Peregrine Smith Poetry Contest, and Pickled Dreams Naked (NYQ Books, 2010).  His poems have appeared in The New Republic, College English, The New York Quarterly, The New York Times, Newtown Literary,  and many other magazines, as well as in anthologies and textbooks. The recipient of awards from the Writer’s Voice, Poets & Writers’ Maureen Egen Writers Exchange, the Bennington Writing Workshops, and the Tanne Foundation, he has also been a Bread Loaf fellow, a Sewanee scholar, and a finalist for Poet Laureate of Queens.

KC Trommer is the author of the chapbook The Hasp Tongue (dancing girl press, 2014). She has been awarded an Academy of American Poets Prize and holds an MFA from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her poems have appeared in Agni, The Antioch Review, Prairie Schooner, and a number of other journals. She lives in Jackson Heights, Queens with her son.

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